Why is College Important to Different Individuals?

posted Mar 2, 2018, 6:38 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Cristen Quillen

    After graduating high school, the next major step for most students is beginning their college career and truly starting what will be the rest of their lives. Everyone is different from the person beside them and are fueled by different motivations to work hard and achieve their dreams.

    A current senior at Pocomoke High School who will be graduating in just a few months, McKenzie Mitchell, said, “College is super important to me, my mom went to college and earned her Bachelor’s Degree and my sister earned both her Bachelor’s and Doctorate Degree and is now a pharmacist.”  “It is clear that college is a big part of my family but I personally believe that in order to be successful in my future and career, hopefully an opthamologist, I do need to go to college and achieve good grades, it will be the most important thing to me for the next few years, stated Mitchell.”

    College is important to some people because of family tradition and success with college as well as the importance of a strong foundation for a career, but for some people college is important to make loved ones proud.

    A Pocomoke High School senior Piajah Johnson stated, “Of course I have ambition and have every intention to go to college to better myself, but college is truly important to me because of my dad.” “My dad did not have the opportunity to go to college and I want to make sure I do everything I can to make my dad proud and graduate college not only for me but also for him.”

    College is a very important aspect in life and truly drives us as humans to learn dedication and hard work and it is amazing to see that college is so important to different people, not just because of money opportunities but also because of individual success and parental happiness and pleasure.


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