Wyatt Smith: Transferring to Pocomoke

posted Nov 9, 2017, 7:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

   Wyatt Smith was a sophomore at Nandua High School last year. Wyatt has lived in Virginia for most of his life and the most important times in his life. Transferring high schools can be difficult when it come to making new friends and getting comfortable.

   Digging in a school and having friends and knowing lots of people, then having to leave that can be very difficult. It's hard to handle. Wyatt says, “I had a lot of friends at Nandua and moving away from them sucks, but sometimes it's pretty cool to see new people.”

   “I already knew some people from this school which makes things a lot easier, but still i got to know some other people that can be friends just as well”. Knowing people that go to the school that's new to you is very handy. Those people can open up doors to a bigger social network.

   Not having a social network in an environment can affect many things when it comes to a normal day. From doing you classwork, to going to the bathroom, to eating lunch. If all those things are awkward no matter where you go then it can heavily affect your grades and anything else school related.

   Wyatt says this, “I'm grateful to be able to come to a new school and just already have friends and a group that i'm with to talk to and socialize with, it makes my days easier.”

   Wyatt speaks about the difference in atmosphere from Nandua to Pocomoke, “Nandua is a little bit of a bigger school and there are more people that are like me and everyone knew me so the atmosphere there was really comfortable, Pocomoke is a more laid-back school but I still don't know many people like I did at Nandua.”

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