posted Jan 27, 2017, 7:11 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Morgan Mariner

     Pocomoke,MD---Zoe Nichols played a main role in the Pocomoke High School performance. Nichols performed solo and duet acts throughout the play, and doing do made her believe “I definitely became more comfortable singing solos in front of other performers and an audience.” Nichols weak points are known to be that she sang “soprano notes when I am definitely an alto” meaning she had to change her voice to make it suit her character, song, and play.

    Although other performers not learning their lines made Zoe a little irritated or agitated, she enjoyed her overall time throughout the rehearsals and the performances. Nichols favorite part of it all was talking to the children that came to watch the play and seeing their faces after watching the performance

    Zoe’s role models in the acting industry, even though she has a lot,are between “Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp because of their abilities to just completely change themselves into a different person”. Nichols feels that being able to do this change is the key to being a successful actress. “Every time you go on stage you have to remember that you are not yourself anymore, you are your character.” which was easy for Zoe to do so because she could relate to her character, Jasmine, “In some ways”. “She feels like no one takes her seriously”, as Nichols feels the same way. But no matter how people took her she was always confident in herself. “Even if you are not (confident), pretend like you are” says Nichols to other actors looking to improve themselves.

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