posted Dec 16, 2016, 7:03 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Jordan Waters

     Chinese paleontologist, Xing Linda has just made the discovery of a lifetime. She found the tail of a 99 million year old dinosaur embedded in amber while shopping at an amber market.

      "I realized that the content was a vertebrate, probably theropod, rather than any plant," Xing told CNN. Ryan McKellar, a paleontologist at the Royal Saskatchwan Museum in Canada and co-author of the paper, says he was blown away when Xing first showed him the piece of amber.

        “Fragments of dinosaur-era bird wings have been found preserved in amber before but this is the first time part of a mummified dinosaur skeleton has been discovered,” McKellar said.

          The tail section belongs to a coelurosaurian. It’s in the same group as the velociraptors and the tyrannosaurus. The small animal could have danced in your hand Xing said.

Edited by: Dylan Barnes Uploaded 12/16/2016