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By: Draven Arsenault

    Paris: Forty-eight million followers on twitter and Eighty- four million on Instagram and many also on snapchat. It is easy to know everything that is going on in Kim Kardashian West’s life. Who's with her, where she is at. Her life is pretty much the most public that there has ever been. Her and police say that is how she became a target this weekend in Paris.

     The robbery is said to be the only thing that was not recorded in her life. Surveillance cameras in the Paris hotel did not catch the robbers. The robbers were dressed in jackets styled to appear as cops, which is how she did not know what was about to happen.

     They tied Kim down and stole her wedding ring and other jewelry, worth well over 10 million dollars all together. Two phones were said to also be stolen.

     Kim reportedly told Kanye West, her husband and father of her two kids, that it is her fault and that she did not want him to buy her another wedding band. Kanye was doing a concert when the events transpired. As soon as he was told what happened he left the stage right away and told everyone “there was a family emergency” he recently rescheduled his tour for later in December.

     This was always Kim's biggest fear as she said in People Magazine. She says everything is going to be different now. She is no longer going to have as much of a public life anymore and is going to double both her guards and her undercover guards. She always has been threatened but she said it can't bother her and that she needs to move on with her life. Now that something happened she says “it's the worst thing that ever happened to me”




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