Another Loved One Gone To Soon

posted May 8, 2018, 6:55 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Piajah Johnson

    “After a murder in Princess Anne early Thursday morning, neighbors on Chestnut Circle say they're shocked.  Some neighbors are even fearful as the gunman has yet to be identified by police. Maryland State Police say the only thing they know about the gunman is he was wearing dark-colored clothing. The suspect knocked on the door of

32-year-old Earl Thomas Marshall III at around 1 a.m. Thursday before shooting him and running away.  A motive has not been determined, according to police.” Says Wboc News.

    Families losing their loved ones is never okay, but for someone to lose their life in their own home without any warning is not cool. Losing a life period. We’ll never know the shooters motive or what their reason was form shooting.

    “Holly Beaver lives next door to Marshall and says he was a good friend. "It bothers me dearly that I didn't hear or see anything...very much," Beaver said.Beaver says it's surprising because the community is so tight-knit."Of course when something like this happens there's always a fear that you have. However I think honestly it makes us stronger in some sort of fashion, but that's sad to say," Beaver said. Jason Punches says it's unsettling to know a murder could happen just down the street."It could happen anywhere, it could be Salisbury or Cambridge. You hear about shootings every day, but it's a little scary when it's on your own street," Punches said. “ According to Wboc News .    


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