Blue Crab Season Approaching

posted Feb 28, 2018, 6:50 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Samantha Dingus

    Summer in Maryland is not summer without blue crabs. The delicate, sweet blue crab of the Chesapeake Bay. There are few things that Marylanders get more excited about than tearing into a red-shelled beauty covered in delicious crab seasoning.

    Maryland’s crab season starts in April and continues through December. Blue crabs can be found as far north as Nova Scotia and as far south as Uruguay, however these crustaceans have always had the strongest association in Maryland. The brackish water of the Chesapeake Bay provides the ideal habitat for these blue crabs.

    Maryland crabs have been caught commercially since the 1800’s. These crabs are essential to the state’s economy. They are priced among their size, crabmeat is not the most filling meal so people tend to eat many crabs at one time giving the state a good profit.

    Here in Maryland, blue crabs are prepared by steaming, rather than the boiling that is common on the East Coast. Any Marylander will tell you that boiling the crab makes the crabmeat very wet, rather than just moist. Many Marylanders prefer a variety in heat and in flavor in the crab.

    “I love the smell of the crab meat and seasoning, and my favorite thing is the dip the meat in vinegar,” says McKenzie Mitchell.

    The best way to eat crabs is to dip it in my favorite seasoning, Old Bay, and adding a little vinegar. I love cracking open a nice, hot crab that was just steamed,” Brayden Hurley tells us.

    Most Marylanders eat their crabs the same. Not only does the state make a good profit off of blue crab, but Old Bay also makes a good profit because it’s the most common crab seasoning in the state.