Burglaries In Pocomoke

posted Oct 25, 2017, 7:08 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Nov 7, 2017, 7:03 AM ]

By: Michaela Redden

    Over the past three months starting in August there have been multiply numbers of break-ins reports in Pocomoke. It has become so bad that a community meeting had to be held to talk about different ways to protect your homes from being robbed and what to be on the lookout for. Also in response to all the break-ins Chief Harden states in his Facebook post to the community “ Pocomoke City Police will be stepping up enforcement daily during the day and evening hours.”

    Pocomoke is a very small community as it comes as a shocked that someone is going around and robbing people's homes. Resident Philip DuBois has lived here for about 4 years now states” They need to be put in jail when they are caught, it's not right that people go to work and get their stuff stolen.” Avion Gale who has been a resident for about 11 years now just wants to know why and how many people are involved in it, is it a group of people or just one person.

     Gale has stated that because of this his family has gotten new windows that lock better along with getting a dog and changed their locks. Gale isn't the only one taking action to lower his chances of getting robbed. Ashleigh Dillon also has taken action by doing some of the same thing as she and her family were robbed before in April.

    Gale also states that he doesn't feel safe in his own home anymore “ at anytime someone could come in and rob us and someone could be home and get hurt in the process.” Whether it's kids, a group of people or just one person, it needs to be stop. Chief Harden also stated in the post that if you see anyone in your area that doesn't belong call the police right away, it even can be done anonymously.

Source: Chief Harden Facebook post to community

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