Is It Too Icy?

posted Oct 24, 2017, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Tatyana Waters

    As we close out summer with the last few days of heat, some people begin to think about where they can still get a creamy cone during the winter. Chesapeake Dairy Farm changes their hours for the winter due to slower business and less travelers.  

    Senior, Chris Sanders, feels the hours of ice cream shops shouldn’t change due to the weather. “I am upset, changing up the times causes problems on the weekends for me not being able to get it when I usually do,” said Sanders.

    Keeping the same hours year-round gives the community and visitors a stable schedule to come get ice cream. Changing the hours can affect schedules of the people who come often because they have to adjust to new times. “If you change the hours then it can decrease your business in some ways, especially since everyone is in school now,” said Sanders.

    A lot of people continue to eat ice cream throughout the winter time as well. Many get a stronger craving because they know it’s harder to purchase from an actual creamery during the winter. Sanders says, “I really don’t crave ice cream, but it’s better eating it in the summer because it cools you down,”.

    There are other ice cream places on the shore that sell all year and don’t change their hours for the winter. Granted, it is harder to get to if you don’t drive or you’re very budgeted when it comes to traveling some distance. Island Creamery in Chincoteague, VA is a bit of a longer drive than living in Pocomoke and just going to the Chesapeake Dairy Farm.

    A decrease in pricing for ice cream during the winter may be the key to more business. “Well if the business wants to keep selling during the winter, they should lower prices.” said Sanders.

     It may be a little icy outdoors, but the warm hearts serving ice cream should keep businesses booming in the winter.

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