It’s a “Wavy” Life

posted Nov 3, 2017, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Tatyana Waters

  At this point in time, you see college students beginning to get a taste of the real world. Devon Rogers, Sophomore at UMES, is using his college life to maintain a balance with “adulting”. “Balancing your home life with your college life at the age of 19 is quite interesting and sometimes difficult.  It’s almost like you have a well-developed personality and a new personality to develop,” said Rogers.

    In this generation, it is more common for young adults to crack under pressure. Not knowing which direction to go next or just feeling like they aren’t accomplishing enough. “It is very common for someone to feel overwhelmed throughout your college experience. For a lot of students in college, like myself, we have homework to do, attend meetings, practice for sports or clubs, and work to pay our tuition,” said Rogers. Having an immense amount of tasks thrown at you at once can be stressful.

    Rogers feels like he can overcome anything. He finds a medium where he can still enjoy the college life, but also keep his grades up. Most college students begin to go downhill when they arrive for their freshman year. They see the party life and the late nights, early mornings, but they forget every party comes with a consequence.

    Communication with teachers while in school is a big key for students. The professors won’t spoon feed you through the semester. College is a part of growing up. You have to learn to take responsibility for all of your actions. If you dodge all of your obstacles now, you will never be able to survive in the real world.

    As Rogers takes on his second year as a full time college student with a job and clubs, he’s learning the “ins & outs” of the real world and how it will create a wave in his pattern.

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