Lawsuit For The Carlton Dance

posted Dec 20, 2018, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

 By: Jasmine Richardson Alfonso Ribeiro is suing the “Fortnite” developers for using the iconic “Carton dance” popularized on hit show “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”.

    According to CBS this Morning, Ribeiro created the dance on the show, which has become a “pop culture classic.” and now the Fortnite company has been profiting off of the dance.

    WPTV.com states that the suit includes, “Fortnite developer Epic Games Inc., and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., creator of the NBA 2K series, and several of its subsidiaries.” The Lawsuit also askes the california federal court to “bar” the game developers from profiting or featuring the dance.

    WPTV also explains how similar cases associated with the “Carlton dance”. “Take-Two Interactive says the basketball game NBA 2K sold the game many refer to as the "Carlton dance" as an in-game purchase. It was sold under the name "So Fresh."

    CBS this morning explains that in the lawsuit, “Ribeiro alleges that the company used the dance without  permission or compensation.”

   Ribeiro is not the only one who has brought a lawsuit against the game developers. CBS this morning stated that the Instagram star "Backpack Kid" is also suing Epic Games for allegedly using his dance, called "the floss” and  the rapper Milly’s “ Milly Rock, and Russell Horning, also known as the "Backpack Kid.”

    Ribeiro is asking “the court for damages and for the game developers to stop profiting from the dance.” he also states that “Epic is using fake endorsements.”

    "Twenty-seven years later, The Dance remains distinctive, immediately recognizable, and inextricably linked to Ribeiro's identity, celebrity, and likeness," the lawsuits say.



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