LG and Their Poster like Flat screen

posted Dec 20, 2018, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Colby Speta

    LG is developing and will come out with a 65 inch OLED that could roll up like a poster in 2019.

    In January of 2018 LG released the concept for the rollable flat screen but it wasn’t ready for consumers yet. According to DGR. com “Samsung may be the king of OLED screens for smartphones, but LG has virtually no competition when it comes to OLED TV sets.”.

    With performance the TV would be 65 inches and a full 4k resolution. Also, “It’s as crisp and vibrant and beautiful as the rest of the company’s OLED portfolio, only it’s that extra bit thinner, allowing it to be rolled down (kinda like a projector screen flipped on its head).” according to the Verge.

     “LG does its best to make a case for it in its press release, suggesting that it’s a great space saver and a boon for its portability. For those of us who keep our TVs mounted to a wall or situated on a stand for the entirety of their lives, that’s not exactly a huge selling point, but that’s not to say the technology won’t be useful in the future.” reported on why people would like this tv.

    Senior Gabe Nock “Thats a really good idea, but I think it would be really expensive and wouldn’t be a viable option for the regular public.” Also Senior John Sigrist said “If i could roll up a 4K TV AND put it in my bookbag it would absolutely amazing.

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