McDonalds customer takes bat to drive through after being denied his food

posted May 4, 2018, 6:54 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

Image result for man breaks mcdonalds drive through window fox news     “A man in lubbock Texas took out all his aggression on a McDonald’s drive through window after learning the location could not fulfill his breakfast order” said by foxnews.com

    “ The angry McDonald’s patron had reportedly arrived at the restaurant shortly before 4 am on Monday. He attempted to order biscuits and gravy by going to the drive thru window, According to police reports. Once the man was in the drive thru a worker informed the man that the restaurant was temporarily closed in order for them to reset the computer system and told him to come back in 20 minutes.” Said by fox news.com

    The man did as he was told and returned to the McDonald’s 20 minutes later but returned with a baseball bat and a score to settle with the drive thru window. There was video footage of the man approaching the drive through and him taking swings at the drive thru window,and the employee working the window was able to get away before it happened and was not harmed, Said by fox news.com.

    The police are currently looking for the suspect who was seen on the surveillance camera wearing shorts, a T-Shirt, and a backwards baseball cap. Reporters do not know the reason why the suspect would do this or even think of doing it. After the incident the McDonalds that was vandalized had been operating on a normal schedule and worked with a temporary drive thru window.

      This man later before had crawled through a mcdonalds window and stole the cash register out of the drive through window, in a surveillance footage you can see the man with a gun and see the man fleeing through the back door.

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