More Dress Codes?

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By: Noel Houston

     Dress code is used in schools to prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothes, such as ripped/distressed jeans, t shirts with graphics that aren’t appropriate and other clothing that may show too much cleavage. School dress code have been becoming more frequent in news and they could become more commonplace, with more schools employing the use of clothing restrictions.

     People often believe that the increase in clothing restrictions could have been because of what had happened at Columbine High school, on April 20th, 1999. Columbine High school is a school located in the area of county Jefferson, in Columbine, Colorado.

     On April 20th, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold started a shooting in the school, killing 12 students and 1 teacher before killing themselves. After the tragedy people looked for answers and were drawn to the behaviors of Eric, and Dylan, including the clothing they had worn. They were wearing trench coats with deep pockets, which were deep enough to carry a weapon.

     After the attack schools were starting to make changes to their policies on what students were and weren’t allowed to wear to prevent tragedies like Columbine High’s.

     “I started high school, in Mckinney, Texas, right after Columbine. One of the Columbine shooters was wearing black during the attack. Therefore, in my public high, we were not allowed to wear all black. That meant no black blouses with black skirts, no little black dresses, no black dress shirts with black slacks. There had to be at least one colorful element. This was, fortunately, during a preppier era, but suffice it to say my current look would not comply,” Olga Khazan said.

     Today, there are some schools considering uniforms because of all the troubles that come with dress code. Such as, dress code suspension taking away focus on education, can be costly for families if the dress code is strict, and hindering creative expressions in students.

     Public schools with uniforms in the U.S increased from 13% to 19% from 2003 to 2012, which also has its cons. Such as, uniforms being costly for lower-income families, can hinder freedom of expressions for students, and can also make students target at other schools.


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