Riverside Closing For Good?

posted Oct 19, 2017, 6:37 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Michaela Redden

    The town of Pocomoke is very small with few places that families can come together and have a dinner, but luckily there was the Riverside Grill open to allow families and friends to come and have a nice lunch or dinner while taking in the view of the river.Sadly Riverside has made a statement saying that it will be closing down. It is said that its last day of operation will be October 30th.

    This not only affects the many people that stop in to get food but also the workers and the town, as it was one of the major source of income for the town.Robert Cowger stated “We don’t want it closed any longer that possible” in an interview with Delmarva-now. It was also said that five people have shown some type of interest in opening it back under new management.

    Shawn Taylor a recent employer at Riverside states“I liked working there it had a great vibe to it and everyone had a positive attitude”. However Taylor also states,“I felt lied to in a way, they told us they were closing the 30th of October but instead closed September 26 and just sent out texts to us instead of actually telling us”.

    Taylor also says when he wasn't working there he would as go and eat there as well. “ Now I would have to go to Salisbury or Ocean City to get a job or have a night out”.

With Riverside Grill being closed either for good or just for some time it still will have major effect over the people living in this town. Having to now go out of the way to find a place to have a nice evening out and find a place to work.


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