Salisbury Man Threatens His Boss With Emailed Videos

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:36 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Piajah johnson   

    On February 6th , According to WBOC . The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office arrested a Salisbury man for threatening a local business where he works.

     “William Fernando Diaz-Hernandez, 35, allegedly emailed the owner of the company several times, expressing his dissatisfaction with the company and its owner.According to WBOC.

     “ I feel like he could’ve just told his boss in person so it would cause any confusion to his boss and the law wouldn’t get involved “ Says Monique Snead

       “ One of those emails included a video that showed Diaz-Hernandez brandishing a loaded firearm while making statements that implied he might come to the business and shoot the owner, the sheriff's office said.” According to WBOC .

     “ Not really knowing the full story of what happened and why the man felt that he would come and shoot the owner , I think they should do a full investigation to find out all details.’” says Piajah Johnson

     “A deputy found Diaz-Hernandez at his home. During a search, the handgun used in the video was recovered, and it was also determined that the video was filmed inside the home, according to the sheriff's office.” According to WBOC

      Diamonique Taylor states “ If he has a licenses for the gun he shouldn't get in trouble for the gun , If he does he shouldn't be imprisoned they should just order a restraining order .”

    “ Diaz-Hernandez was arrested and transported to the Central Booking Unit, where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, Diaz-Hernandez was detained without bond pending an initial appearance. “

     “Not knowing what the initial appearance consisted of , I don’t believe he should be charged for the emailed videos . A restraining order would be great but to as far as imprisoning him it just doesn't sit well with me . “ Says Miss. Johnson

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