Salisbury University’s New Addition

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:19 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Samantha Dingus

    Recently, Salisbury University announced it’s new college of Health and Human Services. The demand for healthcare has greatly increased across the state of Maryland. The new school will include health services, and the school’s nursing and social work. Salisbury’s goal is to have qualified professionals local.

    This new college will be the largest academic unit on Salisbury’s campus. With the Eastern Shore’s quickly growing population, it makes the need for local healthcare professionals very high.

    Having more qualified healthcare professionals will be benefiting the local hospital and will also be benefiting the community.

    According to Delmarvanow.com, “This new restructuring is meant to reflect the growing importance of these health and human services fields, according to the news release. It will help support the workforce demands while trying to address the opioid epidemic, the aging Boomer generation and the surrounding rural health care needs.”

    The nursing program at Salisbury University is already well known. Adding additional schools will help improve the university even more. The new school hopes to put Salisbury even more on the map.

    Kelly Fiala plans to take on the role as the traditional dean. The leader of the School of Health and Sciences will be Robert Joyner, Jeffrey Willey will be in charge of the School of Nursing, and Deborah Matthews will be in charge of the School of Social Work.

    “They were looking for more efficient and effective ways for their disciplines to collaborate and achieve common goals,” said SU President Janet Dudley-Eshbach. Image result for salisbury university new college

    The new college plans to become very successful, as Salisbury has thousands of students, and many local high schoolers who would like to major in healthcare and stay close to home.

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