Should Kids Have Jobs in High School

posted Mar 23, 2018, 7:54 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Cristen Quillen

    In high school, kids can experience a lot of new and different things being thrown their way, and may began to experience some stress and overwhelming emotions. Image result for student working jobs

    During high school, a lot of activities and sports are also offered and become a huge factor in some student’s lives which leads them to be occupied almost all of the time.

    For other students sometimes sports is not something that is important to them as well as other activities and would rather just not join an. With free time for kids who are not occupied by sports or clubs, the question may arise on if these certain students should start working or not. Even for some students who play sports and join activities, a job may be an option for them if they have parents who ask of it.

    A senior named Monique Snead at Pocomoke High School said, “I am a part of the varsity softball team here at Pocomoke High School and I have still found a way to be able to work.” “While I do not think that all students should be required to have a job while they are in high school, I do believe even though it can be stressful, that it allows for kids to truly learn what responsibility is before entering into their career in the future,” stated Snead.

Another senior at Pocomoke High School named Brayden Hurley weighed in on his thoughts of having a job during high school. “I believe that it is most likely a good idea for kids entering into either their Junior or Senior year to maybe start looking for a job but they do not have to get one,” stated Hurley. “I have just recently started my own landscaping business by the name of Outdoor Unlimited, and I personally believe that it has helped me grow as a person, student, and worker because I am learning responsibility and how to truly be accountable,” said Hurley.

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