Snow Storm Whitens Pocomoke

posted Jan 12, 2018, 7:37 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

    In the first week of the 2018 new year a snow storm hit the eastern shore and completely whitened the ground with up to 10-12 inches of snow of powdery white snow.

   Some people used the opportunity to get a break from work or school, some used the opportunity to be playful and enjoy the snow, and some used the opportunity to earn quick money.

   You can do so many things in the snow, from having fun to working in the snow.

    I asked some people from Pocomoke about the snow storm and how it affected them and these are some of the things they said.

   Carlos Enriquez says, “I enjoyed the big snow storm when it hit Pocomoke because it was a nice break from school, but the roads had a lot of ice and snow on them.

   “I love sledding in the snow with my friends, we get a car hood and a four wheeler and we go sledding that way. This year I couldn't because I still had to work and the roads were bad.”, Carlos says.

   Some drift spots got up to 4 feet of snow. Cali Litton says, “There was over 4 feet of snow in my driveway from drift, I had to get someone to dig me out of my driveway.”

   Brooke Beauchamp lives in multiple places in Pocomoke during this storm. Brooke says, “I enjoyed the snow storm because we didn’t have school and i was able to hang with my boy.”

   Brooke also says, “I was traveling during the storm to Pennsylvania to go skiing, the roads had a lot of snow and at night became very icy due to the low temperatures.”

   It has been a long time since Pocomoke had a snow storm like this. The last big snow storm didn’t even produce the amount of snow that this snow storm has, but in overall most people enjoyed the snow.


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