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By: Caleb Abbott

    The city of Pocomoke and all others who’ve been touched by Jacob Howser, have been struck by tragedy recently when he passed away March 25, 2017. The f

uneral is set for Thursday March 30.

    Howser was well known throughout the community through church, sports, the fire department, and many other ways. Even if you barely knew him, you felt like you’d been friends your whole life.

    In High School, Howser played baseball for Pocomoke and wore jersey number 15. Almost all of the players and coaches on Pocomoke’s baseball team knew Jacob, some a little more than others. Regardless if they barely knew him or if they’ve known him their whole life, the team has decided to dedicate their season to Jacob Howser; as well as retire his jersey in honor of him. “This season is for him, we are playing in his name” Caleb King, sophomore at PHS, explained.

    Just like much of the community, the team also plans to make arm bands and other gear. The only difference is that this gear will be exclusive to the team with Howser’s name and a hashtag they created. After retiring the number, the team also plans on carrying one of his old jerseys to each of their games this season to have him cheering them on wherever. “My teammates have given me the honor of carrying the jersey to every game” Caleb answered.

    On Monday March 27, Pocomoke played their first game since Jacob passed and they dedicated the game to him. The whole team wrote Jacob’s initials and his number on their hats, and placed Jacob’s old jersey on the fence by Pocomoke’s on-deck circle. The team ended up beating Washington 13-3 in 5 innings.

    When Jacob played for the high school team, no matter the score, he always played his hardest. The team could be losing 20-1 and he would still be giving it his all. The team will remember this and keep that legacy going. They have vowed to continue this style of play and give it their all every single game. “Jake was my best friend and he was truly dedicated to the Pocomoke baseball team. Every day I step onto the field, every game I play, I’ll be playing for Jake,” Caleb concluded.

    Jake wouldn't want us all to stay upset for very long, so let's learn what we can from him and continue those traits on.  

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