The Market is Closing

posted Apr 16, 2018, 7:15 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Piajah Johnson

    “BERLIN, Md.- After 30 years of business, the Berlin Farmers Market has shut down for good.”According to Wboc news.Most people would attend the market for fresh goods and now all of that is coming to an end.

    “Susan Wood, manager of the market, says with the competition of other big box shops and competing farmers markets, the business had no choice but to make its final sales.” Says WBOC News. With a lot of competition , and with sales not going as planned there’s no need to keep running a business if the bills are unable to be paid.

    "What hurt us more, I think is over the last five years, there has been a flurry of other people, opening markets here and calling them farmers markets," says Wood. Wood also says the market lost many of their vendors to other farmers markets. “ States Wboc News. Hearing about different markets they could think that they may be going tom one market and end up going to another market they may have not received bad business so they kept going back.  

Wood's husband, Paul, grows herbs and flowers at a local greenhouse.With the closing of Berlin's Farmers Market, Paul will sell his products elsewhere. "It [Berlin] just seem

“Some heavy hitting competition, putting an end to a 30-year-old local business. The town of Berlin says they hope to bring in another farmers market by the summer.” States Wboc news. Getting a farmers market back in berlin can make a huge difference in the economy because most people shop there.
s to be that market, people seem to like herbs," says Wood. According to WBOC News. Herbs being something commonly sold they now have to find a different location so money can keep rolling in, it kept the business going.

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