Virginia police chase a stolen armored carrier for more than 60 miles

posted Jun 13, 2018, 6:43 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

    “In the state of Virginia a soldier stole an armored personnel carrier from a Virginia National Guard base and lead authorities to go after and try to stop the 60 mile chase of the vehicle.”

    The virginia state police released a statement that the incident began around 7:50 pm when the M577 armored personnel vehicle was driven away from Fort Pickett in the county of Nottoway.

    The vehicle was not equipped with any heavy weapons or anything it was similar to a tank because it moved on tracks instead of wheels like tanks do. When the chase was stopped the police identified the suspect as 29 year old Joshua Philip Yabut who lived in Richmond Virginia.

    When policed investigated they found out that he was driving under the influence of drugs, in addition to the charge he was also charged with felony counts of eluding police and the use of an unauthorized vehicle.

    “After the vehicle was stolen from Fort Pickett the police said that the carrier vehicle was driven east on route 460 and then north on interstate 95, the carrier hit a maximum speed of about 40 mph as police followed the vehicle for 2 hours” said by foxnews.com.

    “We wanted to make sure that we had the safety of the public first and foremost, and we wanted to make sure that there wasn't going to be any possibility of civilians being injured while the chase was going on.”

    State police began pursuing the armored vehicle after receiving an initial report that it was moving in Nottoway County to Richmond, luckily there was no fatalities or injuries occured during this chase. It was said that Yabut took pictures of himself and the inside of the carrier vehicle before the chase began.

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