What is the Point of School Parking Passes?

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:36 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

       Why as a student do they have to pay to park at school? What does paying to park at school do for us in the long run. Pocomoke high school encourages students to take drivers Ed courses at school and encourage students in school to get a license, but the next day you come to school you have to pay for a parking pass.                                                                                           

     Students are starting to get frustrated with the fact that they have to pay 10 dollars just to park in a simple parking spot at school. People in the community may not have enough money to pay for a parking pass at the instant. Parents are getting mad at the school system because  they are putting their children in ISS just because they do not get a parking pass to park at school

      “I absolutely hate it, I hate the fact that we have to pay for parking passes at school. We go to school to learn, not to pay for parking passes to park”, said Brayden Hurley a student at Pocomoke high school. Where does all of this money go? What does the school do with this money everybody is paying just to park at school? Does the money go to different school activities? The truth is many students at Pocomoke high school think that the money is not being used for the right thing.

      The money that is collected for the parking passes should go to the students benefit and also go to the schools benefit. It would be best if the parking pass money should be used for different things in school for example, newer computers, money for athletics, supplies for students if they need them. The money that they pay should go towards their dues that they have to pay and it should go to senior portraits,a class ring and much more during their senior year.

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