posted Mar 14, 2016, 6:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Kenny Christopher

    Last Saturday 300,000 high school students finished the new version of the SAT that is designed to test what students learned in high school. The new test takes away the vocabulary section, makes the essay optional, and only has areas of math that students are going to need in college. Testing professionals and educators worried that the new test was more reading and was too text based in the english and math sections and would make it more challenging for low income students and students that don't speak english as their first language.

    After the test, a survey was given by Kaplan Test Prep and it showed that students had less trouble with the test than expected. over half of the students that took the survey said the test was straightforward and easy to follow. In a survey given to over 8,000 students by College Board, it was discovered that by a six to one margin the new SAT format was preferred over the previous version. The survey also said that 71% said that the test showed what was being taught in school and 75% said the reading section was the same as or easier than they expected. Compared to last years statistics, the number of students that thought the vocabulary used in the test would be useful later in life went up by 25%, going from 55% to 80%.

    The new SAT test also inspired students to consider taking the ACT in the future. only 46% of students that took this test had either already taken the ACT or planned on taking it, after the test 17% of the students who did not already plan on taking the ACT are reconsidering their decision based on the new SAT.  Lee Weiss, the vice president of College admissions program for Kaplan Test Prep said “ An ongoing trend we’ve seen throughout the past few admissions cycles is the shift towards a two-test landscape”.

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