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posted May 12, 2017, 7:27 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By Ashleigh Dillon

Jessica Colotl already faced deportation back in 2010 after she was caught driving without a license. She also faced 37 days in jail.

    To her supporters, she is an example of police overreach. To others she was just an illegal immigrant and they believed she was just abusing the system.

    She returned to college and paid the full price afterwards. She qualified for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals after she completed her degree. The DACA prevented her from being deported.

    “Since then, I have been working and doing well for myself,” stated Colotl who is now 28. “I thought that all the legal battles were behind me.”

    This previous Monday, Colotl learned that her DACA privileges have been revoked. With the new president, she is yet again facing deportation.

    Colotl’s lawyer, Dustin Baxter, requested a federal judge to intervene and make sure Colotl isn’t deported.

    “We are taking an innocent girl who has done nothing but contribute to the society she has been a part of since she was 11 and making her a villain and poster child for Trump’s deportation policies,” Baxter told interviewers.

    President Trump has said multiple times that DACA immigrants will not be deported but, yet more than 1,500 DACA immigrants had their rights revoked.

    “Jessica Colotl, an unlawfully present Mexican national, admitted guilt to a felony charge in August 2011 of making a false statement to law enforcement in Cobb County, Ga.,” said an ICE statement on her arrest.. “Ms. Colotl was subsequently allowed to enter a diversionary program by local authorities; however, under federal law her guilty plea is considered a felony conviction for immigration purposes.”

    Jessica Colotl spent more than a month in jail before being released thanks to a campaign on her behalf. Colotl has became the symbol of the fight for the Dream Act to pass.

    After finishing college, Colotl became a legal assistant at an immigration law firm which now represents Colotl.

   “I plan to continue fighting,” Colotl stated. “This has to be a mistake.”