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Black Friday/Cyber Monday-2K17

posted Dec 1, 2017, 7:28 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Michaela Redden

    Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving where everyone goes crazy for amazing sales that are offered by the store. Some may even start looking to online sales for Cyber Monday as well. These two combined have racked up as much as 5 billion dollars in only 24 hours.

     According to CNN, Amazon sold over 200,000 toys in the first 5 hours. This lead to an increase of 16.9 percent for online spending that weekend, however, this also lead to a 4 percent decreases in in-store shopping for both Thanksgiving night shopping and Black Friday, many people shopped online wanting to avoid the large crowds and long lines.

     "Black Friday is overdone in a way, people go crazy of this little sales, I do most of my shopping online during that weekend," said Cassidy Williams. Some people like Williams go shopping on Thursday night as palaces such as Wal-Mart start their "Black Friday sales" earlier. "I've never been shopping on an actual day, it gets too crowded."

    Williams thinks of Black Friday as an "Eastern Shore Family Reunion", you see everyone." According to The Balance, most retailers make their sales "between Black Friday and Christmas, racking up 30% of their annual sales. This doesn't come as a surprise as most people start shopping for Christmas gifts and any other events that they might be having.

     Williams also states that she feels as though it's a rip off in a way " they raise their prices up and then say, "oh everything is 30% off"." Like my cousin went to bath and body works because they had a buy 3 get 3 free sale going on and when she went up her price was high because she didn't know that you have to pay for the 3 most expensive one and get the 3 less expensive one for free, that's how they make their money and in way get you."

     Well whether you feel like Williams or not Black Friday and Cyber Monday will also be here and which is good as many people include companies count on. this Black Friday and Cyber Monday rack up a total of about 137 million dollars, according to The Balance.

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