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posted Mar 10, 2017, 7:38 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Caleb Abbott

    According to CBS San Francisco, a blind dog that was lost in the mountains in California was missing for more than a week before being rescued.

    Sage is a twelve year old yellow labrador. She recently lost both of her eyes to glaucoma and a tumor. Sage was lost for eight days, alone, in the thick woods and steep terrain of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    Sage wandered off when the family accidentally left her outside; after about an hour they realized that she was gone. “It was horrible. We just didn’t know,” Beth Cole, Sage’s owner, said. “You know, it was cold, she’s kind of helpless as far as being able to find her way back on her own.”

    The family took many measures in attempt to bring their dog home. They took to social media, and even hired a professional dog tracker from Southern California to search the mountains. But with no sign of her, they had almost given up.

    However, when their neighbor Dan Estrada, a veteran firefighter and paramedic for the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, and his friend were walking through the woods, they happened to spot Sage’s limp body near a shallow stream. “I saw what I thought was a trash bag in the stream and as I looked a little bit closer, I could tell it was Sage,” Estrada said. “The very moment I saw Sage, my heart fell into my stomach and I was overwhelmed with sadness, because I knew at that point it would be a body recovery.”

    This rescue was much different than Estrada’s usual fare. “As soon as I saw her in the stream, I ran to her, and I just dropped right there in the water, and I wrapped my arms around her and I gave her a big hug and a kiss,” Estrada said. “And immediately she held her head up.”

    Estrada then carried the dog 100 yards up a canyon. He believes the water from the creek is what kept the dog alive.

    The good news is that Sage is doing better and making a recovery. After making a visit to the vet, she is back home resting up in her bed. Sage has never been closer to her owners than she is now

     Estrada turned down a cash reward that the family offered him, but says he learned something else. “Sage definitely taught me a lesson of hope and a lesson of never to give up,” he explained. “I mean, it’s something that we train to do all the time.”

     Dogs are man’s best friend, so it would be hard to imagine what we would go through if something like this happened to us, or even how the family would’ve felt if they never found Sage.


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Uploaded: 3/10/2017