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posted Jun 1, 2017, 7:21 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Skyler Williams

   In a bunk bed at a Marine Corps Boot Camp Zachary Boland 18 years old was convulsing uncontrollably. Other recruits was shouting for help saying “Recruit down, Recruit down, Recruit Down”.  He could not be resuscitated he was pronounced dead about 45 min later at a nearby hospital.

   This type of incident marked the second time less than a year this happened to a recruit at Parris Island. But this was not the case in the other incident it was reported that drill instructors was hazing and abusing recruits but this one was not the case.

   Boland had died due to complications with pneumonia he was keeping it a secret from his drill instructors so he would not be dropped from training. Boland had showed signs that he was sick said other recruits. “ Several recruits told investigators after Boland’s death that he had vomited on a lunch tray about a week before his death, and asked other recruits not to tell any drill instructors about it” The recruits just shrugged it off as he didn't want to start over his training.

   Three days before Boland's death they had ran a timed two mile run but he had failed many recruits thought that he was a strong runner according to the military documents. “Drill instructors interviewed after Boland’s death said he appeared to be an average recruit, and was “not one of the ‘problem’ recruits” in his platoon”. This death is a lesson to never hide anything if you are feeling sick let somebody know.

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