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Careful If You Have Dreads

posted Oct 7, 2016, 8:04 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Draven Arsenault

     Now a days every time you turn around someone has dreads. But did you know they are most likely jobless. Jobs do not hire them because they have dreads they are labeled as dirty and irresponsible. People have been trying to stop this and suing but as of the eleventh U.S court ruled against it and said that not hiring someone because they have dreads is legal to do.

     The lawsuit was filed by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Catastrophe Management Solutions. A women was at a job interview and the interviewer told her that “dreads tend to get messy” and said that they can't take her in because of them and the job interview was terminated.

      Dreadlocks date back as far as 3600 years to the Minoan Civilization, Europe’s first civilization. And living in Africa if your Rastafarian having dreads is in your bible it is religion to have them. But even if it has to do with religion U.S court says it does not matter because dreads are not “immutable physical characteristics” therefore they will still be denied for certain jobs.

    Good thing this isn't the case in schools… oh but wait. Restrictions against dreadlocks have also been implemented in schools. This past July, Attica Scott, daughter at a student at Butler Traditional High School got in trouble for dress code violation. Her dress code apparently specifies that you can't have “cornrows, dreadlocks, or twists”.

     It seems like you can't have dreads anywhere other than the supermarket or home.


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