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posted Oct 14, 2016, 7:10 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

    Different games and challenges has been a new trend for the past 2 years. For example,The Ice Bucket Challenge and also the most favorite Try Not To Laugh Challenge are new game trends within the past 2 years . Some challenges are brutal or actually fun for the good. There are many different challenges that make people laugh, scream, or think. But there are others that are unnecessary and/or dangerous. Just like the Charlie Charlie Pencil Game, Cinnamon Challenge, or the most Dangerous Game...Car Surfing.

   Car Surfing, this year, have caused at least 11-20 injuries and 7 deaths. The game is to Surf on top of a car for a certain amount of time or distance, but the driver has to be a little reckless to make the game harder and more “fun". Many people had fell off and made some minor or some fatal injuries. A women from the name of Wilberta Becenti, age 21 from Nageezi, was intoxicated and she fell off on a rugged and dusty road. The Sheriff’s office is still investigating whether the driver was intoxicated. No charges were filed to the connection of Becenti death.



Edited By: KJ Uploaded 10/14/16