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posted Jan 5, 2017, 7:32 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Morgan Mariner

    Mass murderer Charles Manson has been hospitalized in Bakersfield at Mercy Hospital. He is being treated for “gastrointestinal bleeding related to his colon,” and according to one source with knowledge of his condition, was seriously ill. Manson was rushed there Sunday from Corcoran State Prison, and it remains unclear when his medical treatment will end.” According to MSN.

    Manson, now 82, is under high surveillance and hospital security is to prevent the public getting into his room or causing disruptions. News crews,department of corrections and rehabilitation, and many others sat outside the hospital awaiting word on how the killer’s condition is.

    “Manson’s declining health has once again thrust him into the headlines — where he has appeared with regularity over the years amid his disciplinary problems, romantic engagements and parole hearings.” according to MSN.

    Jason Freeman, Manson’s grandson, stated that he had recently spoke with his grandfather and he seemed in high spirits. Charles Manson Jr. is trying to petition correctional officials to allow for a visit.“I think at age 82, he’s in pretty good shape. For being 82 and locked up, he’s kept himself together well physically,” said Freeman, a married father of three who works in construction and Christian ministry in Florida. “Old age is setting in. Nature is taking its course. There will be a day where he doesn’t wake up again.”

    Manson was jailed for killing Sharon Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski. Besides Tate, four others were stabbed and shot to death on August 19, 1969 The next night, Manson rode along with his followers to the Los Feliz home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, then left three members to kill the couple.

    Tate’s sister, Debra Tate, has stated that she is waiting for the press to release more about Manson’s conditions. Her feelings about Manson’s victims have uprisen- "I would probably say a prayer for them and shed a tear and ask God to have mercy on their souls, but so far I haven't allowed myself to feel anything because it's unsubstantiated," Tate said. "I'm not allowing myself to feel anything until I know that it's true."

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