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posted Jan 26, 2017, 7:24 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Jordan Waters

    You may have noticed from social media that chicken nuggets are becoming an unexpected craze. From a McDonalds and Chick-fil-A to a Walmart freezer, you can get them from just about anywhere at just about any time.

    But what happens when you take the craze too far? Meet Stacey Irvine, the 17 year old girl who has eaten nothing but chicken nuggets since she was 2 year old. "She's been told in no uncertain terms that she will die if she carries on like this, but Stacey says she can't eat anything else,"

She says that she’s never tasted any fruit or vegetables but has tried the french fries that come with her meal.  "McDonald's chicken nuggets are my favorite," said Stacey. "I share 20 with my boyfriend, with fries."

     Her mom Evonne admitted to U.K.'s Daily Mail that she has deprived Stacey of food to get her to try other things. She also said that her younger two children “eat normally”.

     Stacey was injected with much-needed vitamins at the hospital where she received treatment after falling out due to breathing complications. Doctors found that she suffered from anemia and inflamed veins on her tongue due to her compulsive diet.

Edited by Keith Jubilee Uploaded 1/26/2017