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Coach Gets A Little Hot Tempered

posted May 10, 2018, 7:30 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Brayden Hurley

    Head coach for the Cincy Flames 13U baseball team decided to grab a bat and head for the stands. A fan who was cheering for the other team who was seen drinking and being obnoxious got under the head coach's skin and he had enough. He then continued to grab a bat and dart out of the dugout.

       Several parents and ISP managers kept the two from face to face but all was exchanged was several loud shouts.

    Are you ever really prepared for something like that? I don't know," Scaringe told IndyStar. "I have groundskeepers, umpires and managers always around, but I don't think you really expect this," according to indystar.com

    “First and foremost as my post stated I am sincerely sorry for my own actions," Melvin wrote in an email Monday to Dennis Dick, a director for the Ohio affiliate of USSSA. "My retaliation in the manner to being called (an obscenity), being told to go home and many other comments from the other teams parent (name redacted) does not warrant my actions."

     Melvin continued “In the end I hope my team and my kid is not punished. Me on the other hand deserves whatever you decide. I am sorry to my family, my team, my parents, usssa, Indy sports park and the fans and God above,” according to indystar.com

    Helga Scaringe the park director reported to have permanently banned anyone who was involved with the incident. "This unruly behavior is unacceptable," stated Helga. "It really hurts the children, who were watching all of this. I'm so sad a parent and coach were behaving that way."

    An elite USSSA 30 team scout was their for this premiere showing and this incident occurred in the semifinals.  

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