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College Freshman Kills Police Officer?

posted Oct 18, 2017, 8:37 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Noel Houston

     On Monday night, October 9th, officer Floyd East Jr. who is also a married father of 2 daughters, was shot and killed by Hollis Daniels, a 19 year old freshman at Texas Tech University. East had began working as a tech guard in 2014, and started as an officer on May 1st. Hollis Daniels fatally shot officer East soon after his arrest on Lubbock campus.

     “The incident began when campus police received information about a student acting erratically,” Bonath said. “The student was reported to have a weapon.” Daniels was in possession of a drug known as paraphernalia which is any equipment, product, or material that is modified for making, using, or concealing illegal drugs. Daniels was arrested on campus, and when he arrived at the station he pulled out his weapon and shot the officer in the head. Before Daniels was taken into custody, he took the scene to the campus, and the campus was on lock down for about an hour. Daniels was charged with capital murder after shooting and killing officer East.

     On Tuesday night the campus gathered to remember officer East. Everyone carried American flags, left notes and they lit candles at the monuments base, while thanking police. After hearing the shocking news throughout the campus, the school decided to extend counseling resources to the campus community.

      The Texas Tech University System Chancellor, Robert Duncan was interviewed, and was also shocked by the incident.

     "Words can't express how saddened I am by the tragic loss of one of our Texas Tech University police officers tonight," Texas Tech University System Chancellor Robert Duncan said. "Our Texas Tech family is strong and will support each other as we grieve," he said.

     Here at Pocomoke High, fatal shootings or arrests aren’t common but drills are created to prevent such situations from happening to our school and to keep students and staff as safe as possible from any danger or any people who are prone to cause danger.

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