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posted Jan 27, 2017, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Kasey Lee

    Fox News reports that “Columbia University is one of the latest elite U.S. universities to confront its historical ties to slavery in recent years.” One of many, the university has recently explored its historical ties involving being founded with slave traders’ money, with its leaders owning slaves, and letting “at least one prominent student bring a slave with him at college,” says Fox News.

    Columbia University will be 263 years old this year, and is one of the very influential schools in the Ivy League. With these accomplishments, its reputation is something that must be held very highly.

    Recently, The New York Times conducted a study on the University’s history. The study stated that at least half of Columbia’s first 10 presidents owned slaves at some point in their lives.

    However, to many people this fact is surprising, that Columbia is just one of many schools that have this history. Fox News reports that “A Brown University study revealed in 2003 that it had ties to the slave trade, while Harvard University posted a plaque honoring slaves who worked on campus in the 1700s.”

    This is not only evident in Ivy League schools, but other prominent schools in the United States of America, such as Georgetown University and the University of Virginia. This history should be studied for each school, noting that this is a very important element for some as they choose which college to study at.

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