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posted Apr 15, 2016, 7:32 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Apr 27, 2016, 7:45 AM ]

By: D’nasia Jones

      On October 2, 2014, a man and his wife had just purchased a brand new car and decided to take it out for a drive. Instead of them being happy about their new car, Elijah Pontoon and Lakeya Hicks were utterly humiliated after a traffic stop went wrong.
      On the evening of that October day, according to Hicks and Pontoon, they were “pulled over and forced into an illegal cavity search.” It was later reported that the police never found the drugs that they suspected the couple had and never charged them with any type of crime. During this search, the police state multiple things that have to do with the past of Pontoon. Because he had so many arrests and drug related charges, the police felt as if he could allow a dog to search the car for drugs. According to them, the couple was also involved in searches of their private areas on scene, which officers deny.
      The couple filed a federal lawsuit against the police because they felt as if they were personally targeted by the “four white officers” and highly humiliated by them also. The lawsuit follows “several high-profile incidents that sparked nationwide debates about how white officers treat African-Americans,” says Meg Kinnard, a Yahoo! News reporter. Even after a year, the couple is still exposed to all types of public humiliation. Every time they are asked about the incident, they can’t help but to recall the embarrassing events that occurred on that October day.
      No date has been set for the trial so the small but growing family continues to focus on themselves and their two current children and hope that things will get better. In her interview on Tuesday, Hicks says that “I just hope that by time our [third] baby is born and he gets old enough to understand what’s going on, that everybody will be on the same page and that the things we have went through don’t happen to anybody else.”
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