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Creating Sappy Meals

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Alexis Cullen

   Nowadays when mom or dad does not feel up to cooking dinner they will drive to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant and grab their child a Happy Meal for dinner. The simple red cardboard box with a smiley face on it will please any child. A typical Happy Meal box will include a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets, with fries, apples and usually a chocolate milk, which is more than enough to fill a little one’s belly.

   According to FoxNews.com, McDonald’s will offer a more balanced Happy Meal by 2022. The meals will be limited to 600 calories or less.

   FoxNews.com also stated that McDonald’s around the United States will no longer offer a cheeseburger as an option for the Happy Meal, the same goes with chocolate milk.

   Excluding these certain items from the Happy Meal menu is looking to reduce sugars and calories.

   Cristen Quillen, a Pocomoke senior said “It does not make much sense to remove the cheeseburger from the Happy Meal because if the kid wants a cheeseburger their parent will get it for them off of the regular menu.”

   McDonalds may believe that taking certain items off of the Happy Meal may help create a more nutritious meal for children, but people will still go out of their way to please their children and getting them what they want to eat.

   Although this may be true, some younger children are more interested in the Happy Meal for its looks and the toy included inside. The Happy Meal is easily what most young kids look forward to when seeing the big golden arches.

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