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Creative Marriage Proposal

posted May 11, 2018, 6:12 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Cristen Quillen

    Marriage is one of the biggest steps that people at all different ages will most likely end up taking. For women and even men, finding that person to tell everything to, be the person to run to, and ultimately being a best friend for the rest of your life, can be one of the most amazing and exciting feeling.

    Being proposed to by the love of your life is one of the days every girl waits for and dreams of, and for the guy well he just wants to make it as perfect for his special lady as he can. See the source image

    On Friday, the 4th of May, fellow firefighters helped one of their own men pull off an amazing and creative marriage proposal according to abcnews.com.

    A firefighter by the name of Ashton Hanway from Fayetteville, North Carolina asked his lovely lady Lauren Wood to stop by Station 17 on Friday to take some pictures, according to abcnews.com. Hanway’s captain at Station 17 made the suggestion that Hanway and his fellow firefighters should stand on top of one of the trucks.

    According to abcnews.com, an alarm was sounded off and then two firefighters got into a truck that was adjacent to wear Hanway was standing. As the two firefighters pulled out in the truck, they left behind a firehouse that had been made on the floor and it spelled out : “Will you marry me?”

    According to the Fayetteville Observer, Hanway stated that he was attempting to write out “Will you marry me?” spelled out in the firehouse and it took him nearly all day.

    Lauren Wood, whom Hanway asked the big question too said yes to the proposal according to abcnews.com. Wood stated, “It was a complete shock, it was like an out-of-body experience.”

    The couple has now been together for six years and are focusing on planning one of the biggest days in their life for 2019, according to abcnews.com.


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