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posted Dec 2, 2016, 8:00 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

    Australia- in Melbourne and parts of Victoria, Australia people have been experiencing breathing problems because of the weather and pollen thousands of people have been hospitalized due to a rare condition known as thunderstorm asthmas.

    Thunderstorm asthma, occurs when a thunderstorm comes during a period of high pollen and high humidity, causing the grains of pollen to break up, disperse and entire the lungs of people nearby. This in turn makes it very hard to breathe. 74 percent of the people in a survey conducted by Melbourne University said they experienced difficulty breathing during last week’s thunderstorms. The pollen found in grass has often caused these kinds of disturbances but high levels of tree pollen and fungal spores have been reported as a cause of asthma during storms.

    60 ambulances had to be deployed last week after more than 1900 emergency calls swamped emergency lines in only four hours. That is one call every four to five seconds.

    Reena Ghildyal, a biomedical scientist at the University of Canberra says “ there are persistent factors, a high concentration of potentially allergenic material such as that in late spring in Melbourne pollen grains or fungi, a thunderstorm that sweeps up the allergens, which burst when wet and release very small particles such as starch granules or fungal spores.

      People with a history of asthma are at a higher risk of experiencing difficulties they are advised to take precautions. She later stated that people should "Keep updated on local pollen counts and weather forecasts, especially in spring; keep your asthma medication up to date; enjoy the spectacle of the thunderstorm from inside your house; and call (emergency services) if your asthma worsens or you feel any breathing difficulty”

Edited by Tykece Robertson Uploaded 2/12/2016