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Delta flight Evacuated after cabin is filled with smoke

posted May 10, 2018, 7:37 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

    Passengers aboard a delta airlines flight were forced to evacuate their flight because of reports of smoke in the cabin. Firefighters were at the runway to meet the delta flight 1854 which had taken off from detroit upon landing at 8:10 pm. “The 153 passengers that were on the plane had to exit via the plane wing and the exit slides.” said by fox news.com

     After the landing there was one person transported to UC Health University of colorado hospital from what an airport spokesman said. “Other passengers were injured during the evacuation of the plane but none were seriously hurt.” Said by fox news.com

     “ the safety of delta’s customers and crewis out top priority, and we apologize for the concern this situation has caused.” said by an airplane spokesman. The airplane was very lucky that no one on the flight was presumed dead or seriously hurt,

      There was a footage taken from inside of the plane according to fox news.com you can see the haziness inside of the cabin and passengers were yelling for the crew to “ Let Us Out”  but as passengers were saying that the flight attendants are heard saying in the video to keep your heads down. Said by fox news.com

     “Another passenger on the delta airline flight named Rachel Naftel had later wrote on twitter that she felt incredibly sick after deplaning.” she also claims that a baby was the last person to be carried of the flight, she said “ the scariest thing ever.” this was sought to be the scariest thing ever because of all the fumes through the vents and the fire the infant was the last one out which makes it nerve racking for people.

     Delta airlines apologize for the incident with the flight in a short term statement said by fox news.com.

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