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posted Jan 13, 2017, 6:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Morgan Mariner

     Charleston,SC--Families stood around preparing to forgive the killer as he was sentenced to death.

     The families sat in the courtroom and discovered the details of the murders that occurred inside Emanuel AME Church caused by Dylann Roof. They learned there were months of planning and racist ideology that brought the 22-year-old white male supremacist attack.  According to MSN “Roof had written that he hoped his actions on June 17, 2015, would spur a race war, but as the family members of his victims spoke during Wednesday’s sentencing hearing, they shared one message: He failed.”

     “You didn’t accomplish anything but deep hurt for other people,” said Shirrene Goss, sister of shooting victim Tywanza Sanders. “You’re going to realize you didn’t have to do this. It’s going to hit you hard and bring you to your knees.” Goss had earlier testified on Roof’s trial due to her brothers death in the massacre She informed him her 9 son, who was only 9 weeks old when his uncle died, would never meet his uncle.“We’re not broken. We’re hurt, yes. But we’re not broken,” Goss said

       “You took my loved ones away from me and since June 17, I’ve gotten to know you. I’ve gotten to know you because you are in my head,” Sanders told Roof as she clutched the tattered Bible she carried to the church on the night of the shooting.” According to MSN

     As some families were very forgiving, other families didn’t feel quite the same.“How can you sit here everyday looking dumb faced and acting like you did nothing?” asked Ashland Temoney, the niece of victim DePayne Middleton-Doctor. “You are the biggest coward I have seen in my life. You are the biggest coward because even today you can’t look at us.”

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