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posted Nov 15, 2016, 7:20 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: De’Aunjana’e Wise

      Azusa, CA---On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 a 45-year-old man fired shots randomly at people. He killed one man and critically wounded two women before attempting to kill the responding officers with an assault rifle. The suspect’s name has not yet been released.

      “The man was employed at a public works division in an unidentified Orange County city and was previously in the U.S. military”, explained Los Angeles County Sheriff's Lt. John Corina. He had also been living in Azusa, in a home for about five months.

     According to Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina, the man was high on cocaine and his use of cocaine had caused his wife and two children to leave their home on Monday evening. He was armed with combat gear and various weapons including handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun.

     “When a 77-year-old neighbor left his home to see the commotion, the assailant fatally shot him”, stated Corina. He fired shots on a woman driving a van, causing her to crash into other cars. The women were 65 and 59 and were flown to a hospital in critical condition.

     The suspect had carelessly endangered his neighbors around people him causing the polling places to be locked down. Along with the polling places, Slauson Middle, Mountain View Elementary schools, a nearby daycare center and preschool were locked down as well.

     This shooting had caused the Azusa citizens to become rattled during the election, in which was already nerve racking. The citizens of Azusa had searched for a place to vote until they were told “They could cast a provisional ballot anywhere in the county”, according to CNN.

     During the gun battle, the police had thrown gas at the house in attempt to take down the suspect. The outcome had become fatal for the suspect when the police shot him. To ensure that the suspect was dead the officers had used robots confirm his death.