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Elementary School Shooting

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:56 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By:Michaela Redden


It's been 5 years and one month before the anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementary shooting where 26 people in all lost their lives that day, 20 of them being kids as young a 6 years old. Til this day it still rests heavily in people's minds and hearts, wondering how someone could go out and kill that many innocent lives?

    On November 14, an unknown gunman went and shot over 10 people before making his way towards an elementary school and wounding many students. It all started as early as 8 am. The gunman went out and randomly started shooting at people as he rode in his truck, hitting a mother and child leaving them badly wounded. After unloading a few rounds while driving he went on to Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

    On upon running his vehicle into the gate, he starts shooting at the school. Luckily the staff members acted fast and put the school on lock-down after hearing the shots. Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston calls it an “"monumental" on behalf of the staff for their quick thinking.

    Jeanine Quist, who is an administrative assistant with the district stated in CBS News “no one was killed at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School Monday morning but a "number" of students were shot and wounded.” Multiple students were airlifted to different hospital for gun wounds youngest as of now was a 6-year-old.

    It is heartbreaking to hear about, yet another school shooting happened just a month before the remembrance of Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. As in Sandy Hook, the quick thinking of staff helped saved many lives.

    The school will be closed until further notice for both students and staff.

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