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posted Mar 31, 2016, 7:53 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Noah Brittingham

    On May 2, 2001 two little girls named Faith and Liberty were visiting their father. The two little girls were ages 6 and 9. Both of them had dreams such as being a ballerina just like any other girl and they were kind. But on that night it all changed.

    The two little girls were talking on the phone with their mother. When they were talking on the phone, their mother said “And then I hear Faith go, 'No, daddy! Please don't do it!' And I heard [gunfire], and I hear him yell: 'Merry F---ing Christmas!'.” The two little girls both ended up having six gunshot wounds. The father was arrested at a tattoo parlor after he got two roses tattooed on him representing his daughters he just killed. But before he was arrested he left a message on the daughter’s answering machine that said "Goodnight, my little babies. I hope you're resting in a different place."

    Even before he killed the daughters there has been a long history of domestic violence but nobody thought he would kill anyone so he could have unsupervised visits.

    The mother of the two little girls was interviewed and she was talking about how they were everything to her and then all of a sudden they were all gone. It is truly heart-breaking to lose something that means so much to someone.

    These murders affected a lot of things such as lawmakers. Many lawmakers were very angry and that made people change laws. So for now on when couples are getting divorced and they have kids the judge has to know the background of the parents.

    But now the father is sentenced to execution for the crime he committed in 2001. They will execute him on March 30, 2016. But the spirits of Faith and Liberty will live on forever.

Edited By: SG Uploaded: 3/31/16