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Federal agents find Tiger cub in Duffel Bag

posted May 3, 2018, 7:01 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Devin Martin

    3 men were crossing the U.S southern border into Texas with a duffel bag that had something surprising in it. Inside of the duffel bag was a tiger cub. The 3 men retreated back to Mexico leaving the unconscious tiger cub in the bag.The tiger was turned over to Brownsville’s Gladys Porter Zoo. “The tiger cub found at the border in a duffel bag and in poor condition is now under the care of our veterinary staff,” the Zoo said on Twitter The cub was a node in the billion-dollar trade of animal smuggling.

    About 350 million plants and animals are sold around the world annually. Making $7 billion and $23 billion. In February, an 18 year old was sentenced six months in jail for smuggling a Bengal tiger cub. Agents said that they stopped the 18 year old because he had no tags on his vehicle. When they stopped him they noticed the tiger cup in the passenger-side floor of the car.

    The 18 year old’s phone records show that he was operating a wildlife smuggling operation. Tigers are an endangered species and someone needs a proper permit to import them from other countries.



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