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The "Big" Apple Moving to Texas

posted Dec 17, 2018, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Noah Speta

  Image result for apple  Apple Inc. has announced on 12/13/18 that they would be building a new facility in Austin Texas. Apple is ready to put 1 billion USD to build a 133 acre facility in North Austin. This facility would bring 5000 jobs to the area. This new facility will be Austin’s second Apple facility, with the new Apple being built it would propel Apple to become the biggest private employer in the city of Austin.

    This new facility would boast the potential to add up to 10,000 more jobs to the area. This would substantially increase Apple’s current workforce, which Apple claims is around 90,000 workers, from all their locations, in California and Texas currently, with plans to expand into more states. Apple plans to build more campuses along the west coast in Seattle, San Diego, and into Culver City. Also Apple plans to expand influence into US cities across the nation into Pittsburgh, New York, and Boulder.


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