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Three Year-Old Beaten and Burned

posted Dec 17, 2018, 7:41 AM by PHS Warrior Beat


By: Chyna McCoy

  There are many things the general population doesn't take kindly to, and one of those things is child abuse.  In a New Jersey home, a three year-old toddler was reportedly beaten by six grown adults.

     One of the adults was the toddler’s mother, Natacha Smith, who is 43 years-old.The others include, Patricia Gamarra, 62, Mary Buchan, 55, Patricia Buchan, 28, Bridget buchan, 23, and Homer Searcy, 39. All were all incarcerated on the charges of aggravated assault as well as endangering the welfare of a toddler.

    In New Jersey, the six adults,and the toddler, shared a single home. According to officials, the child was reputedly beat by the fists of the adults as well as scalded by hot water. It was said that the beating and scalding was a  form of “corporal punishment.” At this time, it is currently unknown whether or not the other five are of any relation to the young child.

     The condition of the child is also currently not known as of Wednesday. All six of the adults are currently being held at Essex County Correctional Facility and are preempted to make their first appearance in court on Thursday.

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