PHS Marching Band Overview

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By: Chris Sanders

   Pocomoke Marching Band is directed by Mr. Williams. The two drum majors are Koreiyah Collick and Maura Dean. Pocomoke is a very consistent and solid band. They have earned a good name from all the judges last year and this year.

   The marching bands form is one of the best compared to the others schools in competition such as Stephen Decatur, Snow Hill, Mardela, Crisfield, and more. Tatyana Waters is a senior majorette in band front and has performed with the band for all 4 years.

   Tatyana Waters says, “Snow Hill is our rival, year after year we compete head-to-head for first place.” Snow Hill and Pocomoke are both very clean and very good sounding bands. Both of the directors are friends and know each other and their bands very well.

   Snow Hill came out with a bigger band which made it harder for the Pocomoke Band to sound as good as Snow Hill. Pocomoke would need to beat Snow Hill by creativity and marching form. “We are a very creative band when we do our routines in front of the judging stand, a lot of other schools will tend to do the same routine year after year.” Tatyana Waters says.

   Pocomoke has a chance to be able to beat Snow Hill. But sometimes the easier the routines are, the better the marching form will be. Like staying in step, lines even, spacing is even and posture will be better because there won't be as much to think about if its a simple routine.

   But also not having a complicated routine can also downgrade your creative rating from the judges, If you're able to be creative and have good formation then your marching rating will be high. Pocomoke always has a very good marching rating.


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Beauty and the Beast: This Year’s Play

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By: Ashleigh Dillon

Image result for beauty and the beast title     Last year was Aladdin. This year has been announced as Beauty and the Beast. The Disney classic has recently had a live action version made. This made the push for this play even greater.

    Mr. Whitaker is the one in charge. He’s the drama and an English teacher here. Mrs. Hudson, the chorus teacher, is in charge of all things musical in the play.

    Whitney Northam, senior and 2 year veteran of stage crew, will be part of the play this year. Northam joined PHS’s Drama department because plays, for her, are fun to do and you get to meet new people. Her role in stage crew is to help with set design and keeping everyone in order. Northam believes the play will be “pretty good, i think the directors made good choices in the casting.” Northam is a bit nervous on interactions between cast members and crew.

    It seems like Beauty and the Beast will be more successful and popular than the Aladdin play last year according to the actors/actresses and stage crew.

Cast List:

Narrator- Chloe Westbrooke

Belle- Tatyana Waters

Maurice- Jayden Cropper

Beast- Jaden Fitzgerals

Gaston- Miles Starks

Lefou- Tamari Cutler

Silly Girls- Destinee Johnson, Diamonique Taylor, & Amy Chen

Lumiere- Khalyl Laws

Cogsworth- Shannon Fritz

Mrs. Potts- Peyton Becker

Babette- Zoe Nichols

Madame de la Grande Bouche- Jada Bailey

Chip- Nicole Notardonato

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress- Keily Wolff

Monsieur D’arque- Trinity Taylor


    Emily Hutchinson

    Whitney Northam

    Monisha Collins

    Devin Thompson

    Carrie Treat

    Cedara Franklin

    September Morris

    Quinn Onley

    Sarah Grant

    Sarah Kutchey

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By: DeVon Hayes

    On March 22, the Pocomoke High School choir will travel to Wicomico High School to perform on the district choir festival. We caught up with Jennifer Hudson, the director of the concert choir at Pocomoke High.
    According to Mrs. Hudson, “District Choir Festival is an event where choirs from high schools on the Eastern Shore of Maryland perform for a panel of judges, and based on their scores, they may or may not qualify for the State Festival.”

    Choirs are judged on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being a superior rating, 2 being an above average rating, 3 being an average rating, and 4 being a below average rating. The judging criteria features intonation, diction, rhythmic and melodic accuracy, and anything else that the judges may notice about the performance.

    Last year, the PHS choir received a score all 2s, which is a good score, but did not qualify them for states.

    Mrs. Hudson stated that, “The choir’s goals for this year’s festival are to improve our scores from last year. That would mean getting 1s which is the highest rating. This would make us eligible to perform at the state festival.”

    This goal is not easy to obtain, but she believes that, “These goals can be achieved through hard work, practice, and dedication to the ensemble.”

    In relation to PHS choir, she said, “I believe the choir is headed in the right direction to achieve these goals. As long as we stay focused, we are going to have a successful experience at festival this year.”

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By: Caleb Abbott

    This past Tuesday, the Pocomoke High School band travelled to Wicomico High School to attend the 2017 District Band Festival and play for a chance to go to states.

    The District Band Festival is where bands from several different high schools come together and play in front of judges for a score. If the band’s score is high enough, they qualify for states. Some schools bands play for a chance to qualify for states. The others schools play for the judges just to see how well they do.

    The festival can be a very exciting and cool place to be if someone’s goal is to make it to states. “It’s kind of cool seeing all of the other bands play. It is nice to see what they are working on,” DeVon Hayes claimed. Schools come from all over the shore, so you never know who you will see or meet there.

    Pocomoke High School’s band did well at the festival and impressed the judges. “ We did well, and we earned great scores” DeVon added. Their scores were actually high enough to earn them a spot at states. Whether they go or not is still to be determined. This is a pretty big deal considering almost all of the high school bands on the Eastern Shore were also attending the festival.

    The next time you see anyone in the High School band, make sure you congratulate them on their achievements. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to go support them at states either if they go.

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