Beauty and the Beast: This Year’s Play

posted Oct 25, 2017, 7:03 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Ashleigh Dillon

Image result for beauty and the beast title     Last year was Aladdin. This year has been announced as Beauty and the Beast. The Disney classic has recently had a live action version made. This made the push for this play even greater.

    Mr. Whitaker is the one in charge. He’s the drama and an English teacher here. Mrs. Hudson, the chorus teacher, is in charge of all things musical in the play.

    Whitney Northam, senior and 2 year veteran of stage crew, will be part of the play this year. Northam joined PHS’s Drama department because plays, for her, are fun to do and you get to meet new people. Her role in stage crew is to help with set design and keeping everyone in order. Northam believes the play will be “pretty good, i think the directors made good choices in the casting.” Northam is a bit nervous on interactions between cast members and crew.

    It seems like Beauty and the Beast will be more successful and popular than the Aladdin play last year according to the actors/actresses and stage crew.

Cast List:

Narrator- Chloe Westbrooke

Belle- Tatyana Waters

Maurice- Jayden Cropper

Beast- Jaden Fitzgerals

Gaston- Miles Starks

Lefou- Tamari Cutler

Silly Girls- Destinee Johnson, Diamonique Taylor, & Amy Chen

Lumiere- Khalyl Laws

Cogsworth- Shannon Fritz

Mrs. Potts- Peyton Becker

Babette- Zoe Nichols

Madame de la Grande Bouche- Jada Bailey

Chip- Nicole Notardonato

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress- Keily Wolff

Monsieur D’arque- Trinity Taylor


    Emily Hutchinson

    Whitney Northam

    Monisha Collins

    Devin Thompson

    Carrie Treat

    Cedara Franklin

    September Morris

    Quinn Onley

    Sarah Grant

    Sarah Kutchey

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Date Uploaded: 10/25