PHS Marching Band Overview

posted Dec 15, 2017, 7:35 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

   Pocomoke Marching Band is directed by Mr. Williams. The two drum majors are Koreiyah Collick and Maura Dean. Pocomoke is a very consistent and solid band. They have earned a good name from all the judges last year and this year.

   The marching bands form is one of the best compared to the others schools in competition such as Stephen Decatur, Snow Hill, Mardela, Crisfield, and more. Tatyana Waters is a senior majorette in band front and has performed with the band for all 4 years.

   Tatyana Waters says, “Snow Hill is our rival, year after year we compete head-to-head for first place.” Snow Hill and Pocomoke are both very clean and very good sounding bands. Both of the directors are friends and know each other and their bands very well.

   Snow Hill came out with a bigger band which made it harder for the Pocomoke Band to sound as good as Snow Hill. Pocomoke would need to beat Snow Hill by creativity and marching form. “We are a very creative band when we do our routines in front of the judging stand, a lot of other schools will tend to do the same routine year after year.” Tatyana Waters says.

   Pocomoke has a chance to be able to beat Snow Hill. But sometimes the easier the routines are, the better the marching form will be. Like staying in step, lines even, spacing is even and posture will be better because there won't be as much to think about if its a simple routine.

   But also not having a complicated routine can also downgrade your creative rating from the judges, If you're able to be creative and have good formation then your marching rating will be high. Pocomoke always has a very good marching rating.


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